Through the Family and Faith program, parents – as the first educators of their children – are invited into a deeper and more intimate relationship with the person of Jesus Christ.

At Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School Mosman, we recognise that our parents are the first educators of their children in faith and that we as educators work in partnership with our parents to bring the primary Religious Education curriculum to all of our students. Through the curriculum and other faith experiences we hope that we will enable our students to see and respond to God in their lives.

Our Family Educator supports families in their faith journey through the following ways:

Parish family Masses
Students have the opportunity to celebrate Mass and morning tea together as a parish and school community.

Take home gifts for Sacraments
Students celebrate their Sacraments through the making of special gifts with their parents.

Stop, Prayer and Reflect
Thursday mornings parents have the opportunity to meet for Stop, Prayer and Reflect (SPaR) with our Faith Educator with tea and faith guidance. This is a highly successful weekly event.

Kindergarten students celebrate 100 days of Kindy with a special prayer service and a party complete with cupcakes and a special gift to take home and share with their families.

Blessing of the animals
Families are invited to a fun morning of prayer followed by a blessing of their furry legged pets annually. The children experience a live nursery/animal farm which brings a smile to everyone’s face.

National Family Week
Families receive take home activities and we celebrate by having a movie night as a school community.

Holy Week (Easter)
Families are given take-home activities to share during Holy Week. This brings more meaning to the Easter Triduum.

Eat, Pray and Laugh
Parents, carers and friends are invited to morning mass and coffee each week.

Sacred Heart Playgroup
Parents and carers are invited to bring their child every fortnight to the Parish Hall for playtime, prayer time and story time.

Parent excursions
Parents are invited to excursions such as MacKillop Place, the resting place of Australia’s first saint, St Mary of the Cross. Walk and Talk is a group of parents meeting once a week and do a 1 hour walk together in term 2.