If you need support please directly contact the school you are applying for. You can find their contact details using the school finder.

Google translate is available in the application to assist you.

Yes you can. The online application is designed to save while you are working on it, to come back and complete at your convenience.

You may wish to ask your Parish Priest to complete the Parish Priest reference form. This form is completed by families where they are applying for the first order of priority category consistent with the SCS Enrolment Policy as Baptised Catholic children of regularly worshipping Catholic families with strong demonstrable links to the local designated Catholic parish or parishes (as defined in the policy). Once you have completed your part of this form please drop it off at the Parish Office for your Parish Priest to complete and he will return the form to the schools. 

We note that the Parish Priest reference form is not mandatory and is optional for those parents/carers who are applying for category one consideration in the order of priority.

The mandatory questions are marked accordingly within the application process.

Each question has been designed to meet different government, legal or policy requirements. It is therefore necessary for you to answer all mandatory questions on the enrolment application form.

The information you provide will assist the school to communicate with you and to care for your child while at school. Should you choose to submit an incomplete form, processing your application may be delayed.

Giving false or misleading information can be a criminal offence in certain circumstances. In the event that statements made in this application later prove to be false or misleading, any decision made as a result of this application may be reversed.

All Australian education ministers have agreed on the National Goals for Schooling in the 21st Century. The national goals specifically state that the achievement of students in schools should not be affected by discrimination based on sex, language, culture, ethnicity, religion or disability, or by differences arising from social and economic background or geographic location. The goals also state that ‘the learning outcomes of educationally disadvantaged students [should] improve and, over time, match those of other students’. To help us to make sure we are achieving this goal, all parents across Australia, no matter which school their child attends, are being asked to provide information about family background.

The main purpose of collecting this information is to promote an education system which is fair for all Australian students regardless of their background.

Providing information about your occupation and education is voluntary but your information will help us to ensure that all students are being well served by Australian schools.

The four groups provided are used by the Australian Bureau of Statistics to classify occupations. You will need to use these groups to answer the following questions. Please choose the group that you think best describes you.

If you have retired or stopped work in the past year please choose the group in which you used to work.

To obtain a copy of your child’s Baptismal certificate, you could contact the Church in which your child was baptised, or alternatively, contact your current parish priest and ask for a reference.

Yes, you can enrol your child. All applications are assessed using the Sydney Catholic Schools enrolment policy.

For Primary Schools please submit your application by 8 April in the year before your child starts Kindergarten for consideration in the Annual Intake Process. 

For Secondary Schools please apply by 8 April two years before your child starts Year 7 for consideration in the Annual Intake Process.

Schools will continue to accept applications after their due date, which will be considered on an individual basis rather than as part of the Annual Enrolment Intake Review Process. 

Yes, for the application to be complete, we need to know what year you are intending to start your child.

Applicants will need to enter two schools in order of preference.

Before you complete your application, you can use the tailored school finder here, to find out your Pathway and nearby schools.

The process all applications to Sydney Catholic Schools are taken through for assessment is laid out in our enrolment policy.

Enrolment acceptance letters will be issued from 1 July onwards.

Your preferred school will be in contact to discuss your application and to suggest neighbouring schools who may have availability. Use the School Finder to learn more about nearby schools.

Yes. The form works on Apple (iOS) and Android smartphones and tablets. 

Your school will send you details about how to pay your enrolment acceptance fee once you have accepted your offer of enrolment.

All data you provide online is securely collected and kept confidential to ensure your privacy is protected inline with our Privacy Policy.

If a place is not available at your 1st priority school, you will either be referred to another neighbouring SCS school with availability, or if you have selected a 2nd or 3rd priority (or more) you will be assessed through the enrolment criteria in those communities.

The timing of response depends on whether an enrolment place becomes available, the school will then contact you if your application is being offered the vacant enrolment.  You are also always welcome to contact the school to check your progress on the waiting list.

You may submit your application online with incomplete documentation, however, all required documentation will need to be provided in order for your child to complete the enrolment process and be accepted into a Sydney Catholic School.

No, Sydney Catholic Schools is no longer charging application fees.

If you are having trouble logging into Compass, you may need to reset your password. Please find more information here.

Once the application has been submitted you will see the application within the portal. You are able to log back in at any time to see it’s status.